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Private Sniper

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In the Midst of the Great Second

Violence and Serenity

Home is tough to find in the battlegrounds. They're filled with lavenders, forests, and mud pits. I've seen a lot in a little time, but seeing is one thing. Losing my squad members in a church explosion is another.

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Private Sniper

A Film Concept

Man. There's no great way at explaining the events that happened to me in the Great Second War. Europe was a beautiful country with medieval homes and curving roads in the lavender fields, but the best way to understand what happened is to experience what I lived through.


Cinematic Experience

Back in the war, music wasn't easy to come by. Luckily, one of our squamates knew how to play the piano, that is till the bell tower crumbled upon my men in an explosion. The music takes a trip through a ferocious experience, the one I had when the bell rung over the screams.

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